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 2014 Donors & Contributors List to UPNA

 We are grateful to the following individuals and businesses for their contributions.

 Platinum Contributor ($1,000 and above)
 Jerry and Leslie Frank
 Brian Gerhardson

 Gold Contributor ($500 to $999)
 2 Union Park Condo Trust
 15 Condo Association
 Mark Denneen and Anthony Coyle
 Margaret Drain
 James and Sue Ann Fox
 Carl Lizio and Sheila Grove
 Fred Kiley
 Rachel and William McIntosh
 Michael Mullins
 Herbert Bohnet and Carrie Simmons
 Winifred Zimmer

 Silver Contributor ($250 to $499)
 9 Union Park Condo Association
 Kimberly Kehrberger and Adam Borchert
 Emil Frank and Tizita Ephrem
 Althea and David Kaemmer
 Vince Mayer and Dana Lee
 David Chang and Shereen Shermak
 Lelah Manz and Kevin Willis

 Bronze Contributor ($100 to $249)
 68 Waltham Street Condo Associaiton
 Kenneth Sisson and Morgan Adams
 Jim and Cate Ahlgren
 Eric Siegel and Lindsay Allen
 Graham Wert and Abby Altman
 3 Union Park Condo Associaiton
 331 Shawmut Avenue Condo Association
 Matthew Barber
 Philip Barber
 Carol Beasley
 Linda and Richard Begen
 Michael Bernier
 Caroline Block
 Michael Bojanowski
 Dana Bos
 Joan and David Cirillo
 Taline Badrikian and Rick Craig
 Saideh Anna Dartley
 Steve and Christina Dechiario
 Ryan and Reagan Driscoll
 Sean and Suzanne George
 Jean Gibran
 H. Gail Gordon
 Philip Green
 Bill Gustat
 Abigail Hemnes
 Richard Johnson
 Doug Karp
 Joanna Lemaitre
 Christine Lattin and Nicholas Loughlin
 Andrew Malgieri
 Mary Marshall
 Kevin McElroy
 Mark McHugh
 John Manning and Timothy McSweegan
 Laszlo Meszoly
 Sue Freihofer and Phil Rice
 Alan Ricks
 Eileen and Ron Ricks
 Barry Rock
 Wallace Marosek and Anne Sheridan
 Beverly Sky
 Jane and Peter Sollogub
 Kate Strauchon
 Thomas and Barbara Vlacich
 Ed Collins and Pam Ward
 A.J. Schnopp and Bill Welsh
 Laurie and Bob Williams
 Bill and Nancy Wilson
 Kate Lipford and Kevin Wilson
 Monika Wirtz

 Copper Contributor ($25 to $99)
 Lenny Alberts
 Dana and Stephen An
 Richard Blair
 Marrianne Bonnard
 Alden Clark
 Abigail Cohen
 Norma Corey
 Catherine Crowther
 Nicole and James Cuff
 James and Paula Downes
 Seth and Ellen Driggin
 Patricia Dunning
 Michel and Evelyn Easa
 Elizabeth Egan
 Robert Freedman
 Grant and Beth Freeland
 Monty Gold
 Blair Hance
 Hannah Kaemmer
 Mark Krone
 Cheryl Lim
 Loriann Meagher
 John Merrill
 Lawrence Mezias
 Karen Mileski
 Gordon Penman
 Matthew Polletto
 Stephanie and Nathaniel Roberts
 Annie Schreiber
 Jessalyn Schwartz and Lindsey Smith
 Catherine and James Stornetta
 Sue Weil
 Michelle Willey

 Business Donor List
 Boston Chops
 Cambridge Trust
 Christina Ward Photography
 Eastern Bank
 Elephant Walk Restaurant
 Five-Seventy Market
 Goll Insurance
 Hingham Institution for Savings
 House of Siam
 Old Japan
 Pine Street Inn
 South End Eye
 Stephi's on Tremont
 Tremont Drug
 Vejigantes Restaurant
 Wine Emporium

  *Note: Please send any name corrections to info@upna.org
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