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Friends of Union Park

August 1, 2014

Dear Neighbor:

Union Park is one of the most beautiful ornamental parks in Boston. It is the centerpiece of our neighborhood. Its beauty and tranquility add immensely to our quality of life. The Friends of Union Park (FUP), a committee and restricted fund of the Union Park Neighborhood Association, is committed to maintaining and improving our Park.

Each year, FUP seeks to raise and spend approximately $10,000 for lawn mowing, fertilizing and weed control, flower planting, fountain and sprinkler maintenance, and seasonal cleanings. Further, we have annually undertaken certain nonrecurring "capital expenditures" such as tree pruning, fountain painting, and lawn aerating and seeding.

This past winter, we staged an impressive Holiday light display in the Park which we hope brought some small amount to joy during our cold winter months. With a successful fundraising effort, we intend to replicate the light display again this Holiday season. This spring, we continued to focus on the Park lawn. Some portions of the lawn still suffered from soil compression due to the staging of the recent fence restoration. We tilled in new soil and replanted the grass in these areas. And the concerted effort of our gardeners around the fountains and in the urns has resulted in the striking botanical display we are enjoying this summer.

We need your financial support to continue our efforts. The funds raised with this Appeal are the only source of funding for the Park's maintenance and improvement and are only used for these purposes. You can make a tax deductible contribution by sending a check payable to “The Friends of Union Park” to: FUP, P.O. Box 180750, Boston, MA 02118. Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.UPNA.org and click on the Make a Donation to the Friends of Union Park link to make a donation via our PayPal account. More detailed FUP budget information is also available there.

Thank you very much for your support.

Vince Mayer
Friends of Union Park - Co-Chairman
29 Union Park.

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Memorial stone in Union Park
Memorial stone in Union Park commemorates soldiers fallen in the Civil War.

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