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Union Park Neighborhood Association (UPNA) & Friends of Union Park (FUP)

Confused about the UPNA, FUP and what these groups do?

The Union Park Neighborhood Association (UPNA) is your neighborhood organization and donations to the UPNA are used to fund efforts that benefit the entire neighborhood. Some of those services are the twice-weekly sweeping of the sidewalks and gutters on the days following trash pick-up, social events such as: the Concerts in the Park, the Newcomers and other UPNA get-togethers, the Holiday Party as well as sponsorship of a South End youth baseball team.

The UPNA spends about $15,000 every year to make this a better place in which to live, and donations from the residents are our primary source of revenue.

Everyone living within the boundaries of the UPNA and benefiting directly from its activities should seriously consider supporting the UPNA. Please do what you can.

Friends of Union Park (FUP) is a committee within the UPNA. Donations to FUP are placed in a restricted account that is used exclusively to maintain, beautify and improve Union Park.

Donations to FUP are used for a variety of supplies and services, including cutting, seeding and fertilizing the lawn, buying flowers in the spring and decorations for the Holidays. To fund these services, FUP needs to collect over $10,000 every year.

Those of us who live on the park, and for whom Union Park is our "front yard," should have little difficulty appreciating the obvious benefit of an annual Friends of Union Park (FUP) donation. We should feel a strong compulsion to "increase its loveliness."

Actually, all of us who live in the Union Park neighborhood should consider supporting FUP financially. Union Park is one of the most important landmarks in the South End and undoubtedly contributes to the vitality of the entire neighborhood. It deserves our continuing care and attention.

Donations to the UPNA and FUP, an IRC section 501(c) (3) organization, may be tax deductible. As always, detailed reports on how these donations are spent are available to any interested neighbors.

  Thank you for visiting our website. Please send your comments and suggestions to: info@upna.org

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